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RealEstatePro Available on Dynamics 365

Dynamic Netsoft Real Estate Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX is solution designed for the owners / managers of property assets to assist them in managing the leasing/ sales of properties and the administration of such leases / contracts to maximize revenues through minimizing vacancies and managing costs. Whether you are a residential, commercial, or non-residential property manager, as the economy fluctuates, you need to quickly adjust your business to reflect the changes in occupancy levels, operating costs, and revenue streams. Dynamic Netsoft Real Estate Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual Property / Unit information, an overview of your entire Property Database and the strategic tools empowering you to drive the productivity and deliver personalized customer service that differentiates the customer market place.

Dynamic Netsoft Real Estate Suite is built inside Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. It is implemented using the Dynamics AX technical framework and using Dynamics AX facilities for generic functionality.

The solution may be implemented in two different scenarios:

  • As part of a fully integrated ERP in clients looking to install a new or replacement ERP system and for whom Dynamics AX is an appropriate solution;
  • As an extension to an existing Dynamics AX system to provide the Real Estate Management Functionality ERP for Real Estate Property Management and ERP for Real Estate sales Management